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Ragnarok Online Character Simulator - ALPHA STAGES

Based upon the ideas behind the Ragnarok Online Skill Planner (below), this character simulator will allow full testing of characters-- stat allocation, skill trees, equipment, cards, etc. It will employ AJAX loading of the content, allowing external websites to embed the character planner into their websites. Will employ PHP, MySQL, and Javascript with jQuery.

gRO Ragnarok Online Client - PLANNING STAGE

Replacement for the original Ragnarok Online Client. PRE-ALPHA. This is a personal project to create a client that will allow Ragnarok Online to be played to its full potential. At this time, this project is not yet available for the public and may never actually be finished.

Ragnarok Online Skill Planner

The Ragnarok Skill Planner is a project started in 2005 to help players preview their character skills for Ragnarok Online before spending the skill points to get them. As the skill requirements tree was not shown prior to points being spent, this tool was invaluable for new and veteran users alike. Translated by contributors around the world, the planner is available in a multitude of languages (although some are incomplete), and was a very good learning experience for PHP/MySQL/Javascript.

MATK Table

Magic Attack table for Ragnarok Online. A very quick reference for minimum and maximum bonuses based on character intelligence values.

MVP Tracker

Ragnarok Online MVP timer for tracking respawns. Currently an invite-only project, but will be opened to guilds or groups to share times amongst themselves. WILL NOT BE a global tracker and will be group-independent to ensure that times are not shared between guilds and groups.

Vertical Firewall Trainer

A crudely-programmed training program for Ragnarok Online players to teach them firewall placement. This allows mage-based classes with firewall to optimize their damage and keep monsters away!

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